How We Work?

Onboarding international students involves a comprehensive process to ensure a smooth transition and integration into the academic and cultural environment.

Here’s a general guide on how we onboard international students. It follows five steps

Conduct orientation programs before the start of the academic term. These can be in-person or virtual and cover topics like academic policies, campus facilities, and available support services.

 Establish peer mentoring programs where current international students guide and support newcomers, sharing insights and tips for a successful transition.

Conduct language proficiency assessments or language placement tests to determine if additional language support is needed.

We Offer guidance on visa application processes, required documents, and any pre-arrival interviews or orientations related to immigration.

  • Send welcome emails with essential information, including visa requirements, arrival details, and pre-arrival checklists.
  • Provide a detailed handbook or guide covering important aspects of student life, such as accommodation, transportation, and academic expectations.

Planning To Study in Abroad.

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